• side seams in/out

  • hemming

  • bustling

  • bra cups

  • petticoats

  • custom belts and sashes

  • custom sleeves

  • custom boleros 

  • custom veils and hair accessories

  • adding and removing crinoline

Check out the collection of sample and pre-loved gowns and accessories.


  •  Call to discuss scheduling as soon as your dress arrives, even if you plan to tone or lose a few pounds.

  • Wedding gowns usually require 3 to 5 fittings, scheduled about 2 weeks apart. Allow 1 hour for your first fitting, and 20-30 minutes for each fitting thereafter.

  • All other formal gowns usually require only 1-2 fittings, and are typically 20-30 min for each fitting.

  • Bring shoes and undergarments to your first fitting if you have them, but don't stress if you need guidance on either. We have bra cups in multiple sizes and styles in the studio.

  • SEW iT can also accommodate rush orders! 


  • SEW iT is competitively priced for bridal alterations, however offers budget-minded options.

  • Accurate quotes can only be given upon seeing the garment in person.

  • A deposit is requested at the initial fitting for all wedding gowns, usually $75 - $100.

  • Payment is accepted by cash or check only. 


Two to three guests are welcome, including well behaved, supervised children.